Sunday, January 13, 2008

What have you all done this weekend???

Seems like the old house hold cleaning is always there huh? Yep, slowly but surely I am getting to it. Between driving our kids here and there it seems I am never home.
I did finally get to a photo of the crocheted pillow I am working on for my daughter to share with you. Lighting is tricky here, so I hope it looks ok. When I finish this one, there is a similar pattern I will do for my bedroom in soft lettuce green.

It is very soft and fuzzy! I have some cute quilt patterns too, but I haven't touched a quilt in a year. Anyone else have other crafts they do besides the original scrapbooking obsession??

I also was able to get a digital layout done for Karen heckathorne. Here kit is Dirtywords, available at Divine Digital. It is supposed to have a feeling of teen-80's hip. The kit is very fun!! there are other cute images like the flourish and bird that you can recolor or resize and the papers run from a grunge dark teal to this light turqouise. They have numbers and letters and are just a cool funky grouping.

Now I am preparing to plan some layouts and altered projects. Where to being though. How do you pick from the HUGE amount of paper?? Anyone have a system? Do you start with the photos and spend the time going through all your papers because you don't remember what you have-LOL?? Maybe that is just me. Not to mention I hit Ben Franklin and the Local LSS for extras I don't have left or didn't pick up for the store.

I am thinking of filing papers by the manufacturer, but then there is all the miscellaneous brands- how do you deal with that color/pattern/theme??

I would love to hear thought or suggestions of this paper organization, as well on other crafts your doing- can you link me?? I want to see. Have a Good one!!

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ScrapAloha said...

Aloha Kristen,
I have my cardstock organized by color and my PP organized by theme. If I have a lot of pp from a certain manufacturer, I keep them together by manufacturer and then by theme or line within that.

If I have stray pp that doesn't fit into my theme or categories I put them by color in with my cardstock.

Some of my themes are vintage, floral or season. I have an organization handout by Scraprack that is a really good resource. LMK if you want me to send it to you. I like it because it is a general system that you can adapt it to your own needs.

scrappermimi said...

Love that Lo Kristen!

I organize my paper by mfg too. The random extra I organize by thems such as sports, florals, etc..

It works for me but I usually do pull from th mfg paper first. Hope this helps!

Michelle Lanning said...

all mine are by mnf too -- and cardstock by color -- holidays are separate tho - took me a while to figure out what system I really liked!!

Kristen said...

thank you ladies, this is helpful. makes sense. I wouldn't mind seeing that list you mentioned scrapaloha. I want to start sorting sometime this month.

Nessa said...

I have mine all in those gigantic ziploc bags and they are kind of sorted. Some are by Manu and some are just grouped just because I like them together! I saw the coolest thing once for making pp shelves with metal storage cubes from costco. It was on a site that closed shop but I think their mb is still up so I'll try to find it!

Nessa said...

OK here's the link to the thread. I don't think you have to be a member to see it, but let me know if you do and I'll copy and paste it somewhere! She even has a picture and it's way cool!

Kristen said...

Cool Nessaellen! I currently have a 12 x 12 cropper hopper with big file folders (not enough room in the folders) and I have a file drawer with folders as well. I think I would like to put in a few thin shelves that slide inbetween some of the folders to add stability. Then take out the folders and use the 12 x 12 cropper hopper dividers and then try the sytem you all mentioned. Although I don't have enough cubes- You knew that was going to be said huh?

wendipooh13 said...

wow cool you got organized.. I really need to do mine too, I keep putting it off, but I dont think if can be much longer. Bazzill is by color in its own area, PPs are by manufacturers and then I keep kits in their kits and misc in one section....

BTW LOVE your LO!!!! totally amazing!!!!