Saturday, September 13, 2008

Halloween layout & possible scrapbook layout ideas

I was chatting with Stacey the other day and we were kicking around ideas for layouts that were not your normal type ideas. We all have photos of events, kids, grandparents, friends, pets, vacations, outdoor photos etc. and we scrap those. How about those things we talk about and laugh over, and even obsess over??? Let me give you an example:

My husbands BIG round head is soo fun to touch with the littlest amount of soft silken kitty type hair on it. I guess I mention this alot- his head really is perfect-LOL So it was suggested I take photos of it, and maybe some I already have of his head or even the XL labels in his hats, and why we can't just buy any style at any old time.

Another thought was taking photos around my office things that I had collected over the years and some stories about them and those objects that had been collected but are no more- like my flamingo fascination.

I also plan on doing a layout of my sons room. A couple years ago I had asked him to once again clean his room. He said "It's not dirty"- HMMMM I say. I went up and the horror I tell you!! I grabbed my camera and took pictures, including the overflowing waste basket with a banana peel on top-ACK!! The title may be Mom..Its clean

So can you think of other things to scrap about that you may need to go get photos of???

Oh and that just reminded me....... I have a nice digital camera, but have just done the point and shoot using the standard modes. Well, we have some DT gals over at the Serendipity Scrapbooks forum and they wanted a Photo forum. So I set it up, and it is going to be soo cool. Each month they will work on themes, there will be challenges, so we can practice, there are great tips and a glossary too.

SKETCH-A-PA-LOOZA Pre-crop challenges went up yesterday prepping everyone for our Sketch-a-pa-looza crop next weekend. Come and check it out.

I am going to work on the new Friday challenge they did yesterday this weekend. Come on over and see for yourself.

Now onto the digi part of my life. I did a layout for halloween using Jennifer Barrettes Going Batty kit. This is cute and has great non traditional colors.

I also decided to finally do a paper layout that is for me!! not the store, technique, class or display at a booth. It came out great, so I decided to submit to Memory Makers Skylimit call. I also did a beautiful digi layout too and submitted it as well. I hope they accept them, but my goal was to attempt some submissions and to do more paper and digi work for me. So when I get the email I will post, and if I don't get picked then I will post these at that point.

Have a scrapping good day!!

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jadadog said...

Love those ideas of non-traditional LOs! I am always trying to think of some too!!!