Friday, December 5, 2008

Boo!! or should that be Jinga ling ling!!

I have no excuses, sad but true my store is the same- BUUUSSSY. Up to my eyeballs and more.

I am playing with the background of the blog and then I will update the blog header/title. I love the chandeliers. I am currently going to be cleaning up tomorrow and sunday to start getting the Christmas decorations up. I have plans to do some enhancements to what we have.
I am also working on a ruffled biased tape knitted scarf, I will post later, its only 1/4 done.

I designed some Christmas tags/labels, journaling spots and recipe cards. All are at Serendipity Scrapbooks store, and the Tags are FREE with every purchase. Then the journaling spots are free and recipe cards at different purchasing prices. They are beautiful printed out. I gave 3 different ways to print. There are jpg and png. so plenty of fun things you can do with these.

Here is a sample of some tags I printed and embellished a bit.

Hope you stop on by the shop and see what's new. Thanks for hanging in with me.
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