Sunday, January 4, 2009

Snow & lights

It has been a long, long 2 weeks here. Snow in the amount we got literally shuts down everything. I didn't even drive for over a week and a half. I think I mentioned I finished the scarf, but have yet to take a photo. Then tonight MORE snow- school was to start back up- Oh well-sigh

However, tonight I downloaded some images. The lights in the snow are when it was just about at the peak. We have never seen snow that high on the yard lights or house lights. The snow on the chair is at the peak of snow- approx. 12"

Then I attempted a shot of the tree- not horrible- but I am soo looking forward to personal lessons with the camera. I did this with my camera sitting on neckwraps instead of doing the stand. Maybe with some research I can make it look real good-LOL

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and fabulous New Year!
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Karen Reichel said...

These are great!

Jennifer (gojenlaw) said...

The snow look amazing, wished we had just a little. Not that much because I would have to still go to work, something about being a nurse. I guess if we had that much snow I could just camp out at the hospital. Your tree looks wonderful.