Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Handmade pin cushions: Pear and Tomato

I purchased the Heather Bailey pattern for these pin cushions. There is also an apple, but I am not done with it yet. I am making multiples of these in different fabrics.

As with anything pattern oriented, I did them like the pattern suggested, and added a lining even thought that was not suggested (filling partially with sandblasting sand).

I am now leaving the opening at the very top of the items, not the side like suggested, makes for filling whether sand or stuffing easier. I also am doing the linings seperately leaving the top area open as well, tucking into the outter cover and filling with a funnel- workes great now that I have done the first two the suggested way.

I will post more when I finish them. The sand blasting sand will actually keep pins sharpened, there are also strawberries I could add with the sand and fill the entire fruit with stuffing. However, I wanted them to stand well, so I put in about 1/2-3/4 of the way of the items with sand and then added stuffing. You will find that when using sand your items will NOT be as tight and filled out as when you use stuffing due to the shifting nature of sand.

I figured these would be cute as decorations, for storing sewing needles or for the scrapbooker to put those lovely stick pins (like Maya Road and Making memories) in for storage. Thanks for looking
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ashjoy said...

Where did you find the pattern for these? I would love to give it a try they are so darn cute!