Thursday, September 9, 2010

Knitted washcloths and pillow in the making

I finished the washcloths last weekend, but needed to tie off and add the shell edging on the tiny one. 
About 90% of the time I can't just follow the instructions, sooo on the green washcloth I added more stitches and it is large!! Which is great, since it is 100% cotton it will shrink dramatically but still be a very useful washcloth.  Now the little purple washcloth I decided to follow the instructions but use a slightly smaller weight yarn so the finish 7.5 x 7.5 size came out to more of a 6 x 6. Therefore the need to add the edging. I am betting the little one will be a small throw for Barbie after I wash it-LOL

Below is the cable knitted pillow covering, which is about done, it needed 9 more inches and 1 more skein of yarn ...because YES I didn't get the correct weight.  Guess what Michaels and Joanns are the only ones that carry this brand and it is no longer stocked or being made, so I will have to change the plan. I will post when this actually becomes something. Thanks for looking

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