Sunday, June 16, 2013

From the land far far away......

Well, it feels like that for me.  Life has been a constant buzz for me, life has been on a wheel that just keeps going.  Good news though for those that don't mind reading.  In January I was given the opportunity to be a guest designer for Crafty Secrets :)  They have a wonderful owner and great Design team and great products, so give them a try.  At that point life started a new upswing, first a new position at work, then starting a long drawn out process of fixing my house to be put on the market.  I was pushing for April 15th but alas, many fixes and surprises later it was on the market April 29th.

Luckily I lived in a great place, very desired school district, my house backed up to a green belt and I got an offer in 4 days after 54 people viewed my home. In fact I could not be home that weekend at all, there were sooo many visits, the realtor said it was a circus and cars parked up and down the street on both sides.  So, I took the offer on 3rd of May and they wanted to take possession on the 29th of the same month. WOW, so I prepared to move out May 25th.  Long , Long Long day no other words for it.  I am temporarily staying with my soon to be fiance until August.  However, the excitement is never ending. We are putting his house on the market this week.  Painting, painting and more painting that would be my word for 2013 LOL I love painting, anyone that knows me would say that, but I am sooo over white and bistro white :)

So, in all of this my crafting supplies were put aside then packed into a storage locker. I am in longing for my things. I miss them :(  I miss the crafting, scrapbooking community and I miss sharing.  In the midst of all of this I have been  researching and preparing for my new adventure in the design world and planning my steps and looking forward to jumping back in.

See you all on the flip side of 2 months, I will be back (did I mention I have 2 storage lockers and 1 is primarily scrapbooking/crafting tools and supplies ) LOL oh yeah baby I am going to have to get creative with organizing in my new space.

Keep up the creating :)
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