Thursday, February 7, 2008

I have been VERY VERY bad!!

I am so sorry I haven't posted in the last 10 days- WOW, only felt like 5. So yes, I am very very bad. I have been obsessed with pre ordering prodcuts for the store, and planning for the upcoming CK booth in Portland at the end of the month- PLUS this is the sites 2 year birthday and I am doing special sales each week and there is the ordering special.
So I can say I have been busy helping other get their fix-LOL

I am waiting for a package to come any day that has my special chipboard wordbooks and albums I specially ordered for CK. If those go over well they will also end up in the store.
So later this month you should see at LEAST 4 mini albums and I am planning a valentine rolodex.

Now I get to squeeze everything in before our family vacation next friday. We are on our way to Disneyland and Universal Studios. I havent been to Universal Studios for about 26 years, I hear they have rides and all kinds of other great things.

I am trying to remember if there are any rides at Disneyland or California Adventure that don't allow you to have a large bag or camera. Anyone been there in the last 6 months that may know??

Anyway, I hope to create these mini ablums with new paper coming in. The ones on the way are Cherry arte, Dream Street, Jenni Bowlin, American Crafts, Bo Bunny, Glitz. Those would possibly get here for me to use them before the show.

Sorry now new images today, but soon I promise.
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