Friday, February 15, 2008

Peek of the new custom order albums

I took some photos of the albums in the raw and thought you might like to see a peek. I will be completeing these before the end of this month and post the final creations. These will be in the store as custom orders. Of course the name ones will be whatever you pick

These will be tons of fun and I have more ideas for later.

Did you all have a nice valentines day?? We didn't do anything, I am in the midst of final packing we are leaving this afternoon to go on a family vacation as I mentioned to Disneyland and Universal studios. However, my husband, Rob got me a gift certificate to the books store and a card. I thought I would share the card it is fun. Now keep in mind we like humorous cards and things that are more along the lines of our life. Even my son laughed and said that seemed like us (loosley). I laughed, the inside of the card said: The key to every successful relationship is knowing where you stand. We both agree I am the boss, but of course with every relationship you discuss things and if you know your husband you know how to pick the ideas-right? Anyone else get a great card or gift?? Did you eat lobster?? get chocolates??

I won't be posting for at least a week since I will be gone, but I will do my best to put up something for you next friday. Have a good one-bye

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wendipooh13 said...

oh my gosh Kristen I LOVE that card!!! that is hilarous!! gonna show my hubby later too!! have fun on your trip and enjoy, I heard the weather has been amazing!!!

Croppycatter said...

That card is stinkin cute!!! I'm going to have to show that one to Brannon! Hope you have fun on your vacation and we'll see you when you get back!
Oh and those word books are looking really cute!

scrappermimi said...

That card is a HOOT! Love it! Hope you have a wonderful vacation!

ellen said...

oh that card is a RIOT! please have a TON of fun on your vaca!!!

Melonie said...

Oh these look so fun! Love the card and so glad you had a good Valentine's day. Hope you have a fabulous trip too.