Friday, March 14, 2008

I've been tagged!!

Ellen aka Sillygirl/Howdee depending you the board has tagged me. So I am going to give this a try.

5 Thing you can't live without under $5:
1.drip coffe & coffee mate fat free liquid creamer
2. Tombo Mono liquid glue
3.Yogurt and green onion potato chips
4.Cascade Ice flavored water wild berry
5.Like Ellen said, Pattern paper

5 Favorite Movies:
1. Anne of Green Gables Series
2. Rudy
3. Harry Potter series
4. Scrooged
5. Remember the Titans

5 Baby names you LOVE but Won't use:
2. Chloe
3. Zoe
4. Autumn
5. Chamoille

1.Seth Mica Mackenzie (first with two middle names)
2. Ryder
3. Hunter
4. Kieran
5. Skyler

5 songs you could listen to over and over again:
1. Hips don't lie By Shakira
2. Don't cha By Pussycat Dolls
3. Bad Day by Daniel Powter
4. Sweet Escape by Gwen Stefani
5.Old Time Rock and Roll

5 People who influenced your life in a positive way:
1. Ginger Heath
2. Mr. Sorenson
3. Mrs Schactler
4. My Mom
5. Nana

5 Things that stay in your purse at all times:
1. 2 wallets
2. Cell phone
3. lipstick/lipgloss duo
5.Lots of those store cards (fred meyer, pet store etc)

5 Moments you knew changed you forever:
1.Going to College
2. The time I realized I looked 21 and was 15
3. Getting Married
4. Having my son
5. Starting my own business at 22

5 Obsessions you have right now:
1. Brie with wheat thins
2. Watching Bones
3. Beef Burritos for lunch
4. Easy bake cookies
5. Marketing

5 Places you would really love to go:
1. Paris
2. England
3. Scotland
4. Cayman Islands
5. Germany

5 People you would love to see do their top 5:
1. Stacey
2. Carrie
3. Bettie
4. MaryK (Scrapbiz)
5. Kim G (scrapbiz)

Ok I hope you all enjoyed this. Have a great weekend

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wendipooh13 said...

love reading all your top 5's!! lots of fun getting to know people. My sister used the name Ryder and it is such a cute name, totally fits him!!

Carol Weimer said...

Just found your site. Love all the amazing work you've done. Thanks for the inspiration.

Paul, Aja, Miss Hannah & Sara Kate said...

you have great taste in everything... my girls love your blog because you have our play day songs playing... thanks for the energy!!