Thursday, April 3, 2008

Blog cuteness!!

The last couple of days my daughter was asking for a website, you know she sees icarly, and other sites with kids from Nickelodeon etc on the web. I explained that costs money, but how about a blog. BUT, the big but she had to have me set it up and I have to be there to help her post and her profile just says her name.

So last night, she sat with me at the computer and we started her blog and she worked with me while I created her blog header and got it up and running. She is so excited she woke up early to see how many people have come to it.-LOL I haven't put any RSS feeds on it, but I did tell two boards how cute it is. Two friends of mine have already posted comments to here and she is dancing around all thrilled. She just took my camera and took a photo of the old fashioned dress she designed to put up today. To see her blog- My Lollipop World, leaving her a comment would be soo nice, I don't think her friends can. Thanks for looking.

I know how she feels it is exciting to come and see comments and how many have visited. I know I have been so busy days go by and I think its only been 3 days-NOT.

I am currently in the middle of the ironing board cover project, and hope to finish and post for you. So easy and nice to make a simple change.

I am getting real excited for the Online crop later this month at Serendipity Scrapbooks. The DT came up with a cute name and some great challenges and games are being created. The name is based on women and the many hats we wear. These talked about some women having tea for mothers day, and may day and cinco de mayo and everything for May and we came up with :
The Mad hatter's tea party crop!! No the name isn't original to us, but using for a crop and how we will use it for the challenges and games will be soo much fun.

If you have never done an online crop or haven't been to ours you need to stop by. The pre crop challenges start on the 18th, and the crop starts on the 25th. This will be in the forum, so you will need to register.

Tomorrow there is no school, therefore making it the beginning of spring break. What are you all up to??
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