Sunday, April 6, 2008

Ironing board and Crocheted pillow finally done!!

WOOHOO!! they are done. I posted about a month or so ago about my daughters pillow I crocheted for her, and I had to find buttons to put on it. That part was a big challenge, first to find the right color purple and then the size. I finally came up with this idea. I purchased a little square of Ultra suede in the color purple and then found some cute buttons to put in the middle.
I traced a Maya Road sheer flower to make the shape, and did that two times. Here is the final project.

I also mentioned a quick tutorial on making a new ironing board cover. So here is the supplies list:1pkg 1/4" elastic- about 3 yds, thread. fabric: should be 2 1/4yds (for length)

You will cut the fabric so that you have the 2 1/4 yd length x 2ft width. Here is the photo of that draped over the board

I did trim to match the shape of the board and still have about 4" left hanging over the edge. Press about 1" under around the whole piece, this make it easier to turn and stitch the casing for the elastic. Here is the images on the casing stitching. First image from the front of the machine and the second is from the back.

Stitch up to 1/2" from starting point and back stitch to secure. Then pin a safety pin into 1 end of the elastic and work it through your casing you just stitched. When you finally get it through, hold both ends of the elastic and pull to even out the ends (similar to adjusting shoe laces). Then slide over you board, adjust the elastic around it, and from underneath pull elastic tight and tie into a couple knots. Your finished!!

These photos are not taken in the best of light and I had a before photo of my board, but accidentally erased it-DUH. I did re spray paint the metal is was a lovely golden yellow right out of the 70's. My old cover was black with sewing supplies all over it and worn through. I purchased Krylon hammered metal spray paint and did a few coats. It took very little time to dry and the whole cutting and sewing process took less than 35 minutes.

I hope you get some ideas from this, and try spiffying up your boards.

I haven't done any paper crafting lately, although I have some things planned. I did complete a layout using MLamarre's Calico Vert digi kit. I mixed in some other things, and 1 template was like KI lace paper. Here it is. Thanks for looking!

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StaceyM said...

Oh that pillow is total cuteness!!!

I love how you added the flowers down the side. It just made it. I see why your dd loves it!!! I would too!!! LOL

Even with your super duper simple instructions........sewing machines and me don't see eye to eye.....but I love the girly fabric that you picked out. Very pretty and will match your house and the site wonderfully!!! LOL

Great job on everything. Keep up the awesome work.

Croppycatter said...

I love that layout!!! I need to make me a ironing board cover too...TFS the instructions!