Saturday, April 12, 2008

Scrapbooking + gifts???

Today I picked up a new magazine I hadn't seen before. It's called Gifts from the Heart. It shows lots of gift giving ideas that are made with 80% scrapbooking products.

Very cute ideas, I particularly like a mini album made with a slightly melted Vinyl record. Cool huh? well I will have to go find one, they had one the was red. Any way not to get off the subject, I really started to think these are great, but a lot of really nice products were being used. Like felts and yummy petaloo flowers and great rub ons etc. They put a cute band around a tin of mini baby products, and put rub ons on a coffee mug etc. I got to thinking one those rub ons will come off in the wash and TWO- the bigger question: Do people buy extra of scrapbooking products to make gift items?? OR are they using scraps?? If it's a coordinated gift set I would think you have to buy more than what you scrap with and have a plan.

What do you all do? Do you plan for gift giving and buy specific scrapbook related items or do you use scraps and a wing and a prayer??

What is the next gift you plan to make?? Is it for a relative or for a teacher etc. Do you all make party or table decorations with your Scrapbooking supplies??

If you have a really cute gift idea or some type of decoration that you did and would like to share please post the link to it in your comment.

Its a pretty day here and I am doing multiple things: making taco salad, laundry and sorting my Scrapbooking mags. So I hope your all having a good one.
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scrappermimi said...

I tend to make scrappy gifts for the kids grandparent for holidays as part of their gift. I usually use what I have on hand unless it is a theme thing and I need something special. Sounds like a cool mag, need to look for that!