Sunday, April 20, 2008

Got a new cutter

Pretty exciting to me! I am still learning how to work the program, and as soon as I figure that out I will do a cut. I figure sometime this week.

I have another project I plan to do. A phone and address book.
There are some cute ones out there, but the problem we find as a family is that there is only a couple of pages for some Letters, and it does get used alot and falls apart.

So I decided to use a 5 x 7 , 3 ringed notebook and make my own tabs and pages. I think I will keep it flat no raised elements etc, due to the useage. You know the kind of notebook kids get for school where you can slide in a sheet in the front and back.

I am going to use the cutter to cut chipboard tabs, then I will cover and deocrate those. I also used my digi items and made internal pages that I will make from digi images and print off.

That way I can print more pages if we need them.

It shouldn't take long to create as soon as I get the cutter part down this week. I will share the images here too.

I feel bad that I have been posting only 1 time a week, my goal was every 2-3 days, but I have work and then my life is not that exciting to post about. What do you post about???
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