Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bulletin board project for kids

This project I did yesterday and finished today, more images of the details below. My DD wanted a bulletin board that was cork and I thought magnet would be nice. I can't take credit for the idea, they show a similar one at the Ben Franklin store nearby.

However, in this project you can substitute fabric for scrapbookpaper.

Here is what you need: 1- 24 x 24 canvas
2- Paper Accents 12 x 12 galvenized metal
2-sheets Karen Foster adhesive backed Cork
3/4 (27in)of for a bit more room to tack- 30in: Ribbon
Package mini old fashioned clothes pins
1-Pkg self adhesive velcro
3/4yd. fabric OR 2 12 x 12 sheets of scrapbook paper
E-6000 or 527 all purpose adhesive
specialty thick pellon iron on backing
Cute fabric or scrapbook papers to cut and make magnets
1- package of 3/4" round magents.
1 bottle of paint to paint edge of canvas
Tad of duck tape
Terrifically tack double sided 1/4" tape (optional)
2 tiny nails

PS. is using paper for magnets you may want to adhere to thin
chipboard and then you won't need the pellon

1. Paint edge of canvas your color of choice
2. Place the two galvenized metal sheets together, aligned/squared true. Using duck tape tape the seam of 1 side and just go over the edge a tad. This will help if covering with fabric
3.Lay on canvas draw a line with a pencil where the metal ends (this should be center) make sure your metal is aligned on all edges.
4. Then lay out fabric right side onto table, place metal sheets with duct tape side facing up. Then apply the adhesive around the edge of metal and with a gentle tauntness fold the fabric in. Let dry
5.If doing fabric magnets, cut around images leaving a small amount of fabric (approx. 1/8-1/4") Then lay onto pellon adhesive side up (follow pellon instructions)
6. Then cut closely around images. Turn over put a dab of adhesive and plop on the magnet- they dry quickly.
7. Now lay adhesive onto canvas in the area where the metal will go, make sure to put it in the middle and not just the edge area.
8. Peel backing off cork and press into place just above the magnet area (you can do it the other way or even vertically)
9.Then lay ribbon on the seam then flip I placed a bit of the double sided tape to hold the ribbon in place, then nailed a tiny nail in.

Now your done, apply your hanging item on the back and your done.

If doing scrapbook paper instead of fabric to cover metal just glue to metal and trim and then adhear to canvas with the all purpose glue.

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The Craft Addict said...

A very cute project. I love how you have both metal and cork sections.