Saturday, July 31, 2010

Life changes

It have been months since I have posted. The last post was scheduled to post on my surgery date in March, then recovery time, busy with the store again, and then a major life change the was very dramatic and has changed everything for a while. The store is now closed, and I had another surgery this month and I feel things are starting to settle down.
My creative side is starting to rear its head and so I am just posting to let those of you who will read this I will be back- slow and steady though. Have a great day.
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ashjoy said...

Hi Kristen, glad you posted an update. Where are you hanging out? Would love to see more of you:)

Good luck with the surgery, will keep you in my prayers.


ashjoy said...

Hey girl, how are you feeling?

I have no idea about camera comparisons. My husband did all the leg work and this one was in his price range, although I've heard that if you can afford the difference the D90 is a great choice I've heard.