Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tied Flower tutorial

This flower technique will work wonderfully with Tulle, organza, chiffon and silk as well as light weight cottons.
To have a 1.5" petal as seen you will need a piece of fabric that is 3" wide and approx. 16" long.

Fold with right sides together with short ends meeting. As seen I did a small running stitch one direction and to keep from having gaps, I went the other direction as well to fill in.

Then fold your fabric into a narrow ring. Then do a basting stitch to gather into a flower. Secure the flower at this point. You may keep working with your thread in the needle without trimming it off IF it is very long. Otherwise, re thread with at least 12" of length.

Starting with thread and need on the top of flower wrap over the edge of the fabric to the back and bring your needle back up throught the middle (pull in firmly) Then repeat this every 1' or so around your fabric making petals. When your done tie off.

Now you can apply any center you like, buttons, brads, etc. If using lighter fabrics you can layer nicely with this. I hope you enjoy this flower

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